How to Break Bad Habits and Build Good Habits, Part II

Written by on January 14, 2022


Habits and Routine

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine

Did you try some of the tips from How to Break Bad Habits and Build Good Habits, Part I?

Here is the second part of advices. We aim to help you and make more easy the change in your habits. Sometimes it is interesting how a small change in your habits could change your life. So don’t wait, act now!


  1. Find someone to whom you want to be accountable for building the habit
  2. Make everything easier for you to form the new habit. For example if you want to eat more fruits and vegetables just include them in your shopping list. In this way they will always be at hand for you – to eat them at home or to bring some at work.
  3. Habits are automated responses to specific situations. These responses become automated as a result of repetition and learning. That is why the more frequently we perform behavior the more likely it becomes a habit.
  4. Action is related to the pathways in our nervous system. When we  perform a new action it creates new pathways. These pathways become stronger and stronger as we repeat this action more and more. On this basis, the habits are created.
  5. Once we form a new habit, we have to continue working on it to strengthen it and make it our natural response. One of the ways to do it is to enjoy it as we keep in mind the positive outcome that it brings.
  6. Changing behavior is not easy and can be draining. That is why it is important to reward yourself for the hard work that you are doing in changing your behavior. This will bring you more positive emotions and your brain will register that the hard work is getting paid. Doing it again and again you will create paths that connect pleasure with hard work and at some point you will start to enjoy the work.
  7. “When we are tired, distracted, emotional, exhausted etc. there is a high probability to trigger the automated behaviors and sabotage our new good habits formation. That is why sleeping, nutritioning and mindfulness are very important.