Attitude and Motivation

Written by on November 13, 2022

How your attitude influences your motivation?

Attitude and motivationFocus on our post today is the connection between attitude and motivation. We will take a brief look at the definitions of attitude and motivation, and is there a connection between the motivation and attitude.

What is attitude?

Our attitude relates to our perceptions of people, things, places. If we accept them as good or bad – what are our feelings, believes, and opinion of them.

The attitude has 3 components:

  • Cognitive component – this component relates to our believes and thoughts about the subject of our attitude
  • Affective component – relates to how we feel about the subject of our attitude
  • Behavior component – how our behavior is affected by our believes, thoughts, and feeling about the subject of our attitude

How are attitudes formed?

The three components of attitudes are cognitive, affective and behavior. Believes are part of the cognitive component of the attitudes that is why both – the attitudes and the believes are implicit and explicit. Both kinds influence our behavior in the same way.

Attitudes are formed in a quite similar ways to the believes. We will pay attention to the two of the main ones:

  • social factors – people around us, the society and norms, the expectations, what we have learned by someone, the role models. For Example, if our friend says for someone that he is bad, it is quite possible our attitude for this man to be negative.
  • Experience – we have experience something and expect next time to have the same experience. For example, if we go to a dentist and it was painful, we can build an attitude for the dentists as something unpleasant, something we want to avoid.

What is motivation?

Motivation drives our behavior and help us to achieve our goals. The motivation has four components:

  • Activation – this is the decision to act
  • Persistence – how long we perform a certain behavior based on our motivation
  • Intensity – how hard we try to achieve something
  • Direction – what we want to achieve

What is the connection between attitude and motivation?

Attitude and motivation have impact on our behavior. Our attitude for a certain action influences our motivation. For example, if we must do something of, we have negative attitude, our motivation will be low, and it is most probable to fail, or to do it in the last moment, not to do it in the best possible way, to be stressed of this etc.

We can state the connection between motivation and attitude clearer by saying that the motivation determines what we do, and the attitude defines how we do it.

Why is the positive attitude so important?

Attitude influences the level of our motivation. If we have positive attitude towards something, our motivation will be higher, and we will have success in it. This will absolutely affect our live in a positive way, and we will be happier, more satisfied, more confident, etc.


You can often change your circumstances by changing your attitude.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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