Cookie Policy

For the purposes of improving the performance of (“Website”) and your user experience, occasionally we shall use HTTP-cookies.


Art.1. Cookies are small text files, which are saved on Your computer or mobile device when you visit our Website. They allow the Website to save your actions and preferences for a certain period of time so you don’t have to provide them every time you visit the site or switch from one page to another within the Website, which helps us to provide you with content that we think will be useful and interesting to you.


  • Functional cookies

Art.2. We use cookies which allow the Website to save your actions and preferences (for example size of font and other settings for viewing).

  • Security cookies

Art.3. We use cookies for security purposes in order to prevent fraudulent usage of identification data for access or to protect information from unauthorized parties.

  • Analyzing cookies

Art.4. We use cookies, which help us to improve the performance and efficiency of our Website as we collect information about the number of unique visits, statistical data for the utilization of the Website, most visited and recently visited pages, etc.

  • Third party cookies

Art.5. We use third party cookies, which provide the opportunity to share our content in the Social media platforms, Google Analytics cookies, which help us to track the Website’s traffic and other cookies related to external systems and web pages integral to the Website.

  • Commercial cookies

Art.6. We use cookies that, based on your behavior on our Website, may show you ads that we assume meet your preferences and interests.

  • Personal data cookies

Art.7. Personal data collected by cookies is used only for the implementation of specific functions of the Website, connected to the user.


Most of the standard browsers give the opportunity to change the settings of the cookies. Usually you can find those settings in the menu “options” or “preferences” on your browser. More information about how you can manage cookies (including information how to delete them) according to the type of the browser, which you use you can find in the following links:






Please be aware that limiting or stopping the cookies may result in the loss of functionalities, incorrect performance and limitation of the user experience on our Website.